Gujarati theatre in New Zealand is now becoming the essence of Gujaratis, especially those residing in Auckland with a line-up of local and international Gujarati events happening all year round; thus increasing the number of followers of Gujarati entertainment. 

However, when it comes to local productions, the two obvious names that come to one’s mind are the pioneers of Gujarati theatre in Auckland—Chirag Solanki who started with entertaining and meaningful skits in 2008, and Jayesh Bateriwala.

The two passionate theatre artists, along with other like-minded theatre lovers, dared to stage the very first play Mara Var No Varghodo in 2010 which turned out to be the most popular amount the Gujaratis in Auckland, all that for the love of art and language. 

Gujaratis in Auckland, who have watched the play Mara Var No Varghodo with three houseful shows in 2010 and two houseful shows in 2017, have called it a benchmark when it comes to 100% entertainment with a meaningful message. 

Keeping that in mind, the pioneering duo is back with a new play Maro Var Made For Me to be staged on March 24 at Green Bay High School and once again promise to give their audience a full package of entertainment with a beautiful message to take home. 

Why you should watch this play

The aim of Maro Var Made For Me is to make everyone enjoy the little joys of life. Life has its ups and downs and no one can escape the lows of life. But when a person spends his precious time and money to go watch a play such as this one, it is important for the artists to give them a good time.

Spending your time watching this play with your family is surely going to help you focus on the joys and precious moments of life that bring laughter and subtly teach life lessons.

There is no age barrier to watch this play; come along with your better half or just your gang of girls and boys. The plot will surely strike the chord with every generation.

Another important aspect of this play is that it has never been staged before.Unlike most of the local plays staged in Auckland, this will be the first ever enactment of this script with a few adaptations from Producer Jayesh Bateriwala and Director Rupal Solanki.

The MVMFM team has planned two surprises for the audience which you will experience during the play. Currently, the unique Maro Var Made For Me photo frame is being well-applauded by people, especially couples.

Characters and supporters

The play revolves around seven characters. The characters are played by Ritesh Vaghela, Shweta Diwekar, Richisha Desai, Rupal Solanki, Chirag Solanki and Jayesh Bateriwala.These names are well-known in the Indian theatre fraternity.  The play also features a fresh talent- Jinay Shah who will be seen playing a major role.

These really hardworking, independent and selflessly volunteering individuals have been rehearsing tirelessly for four months to bring the best to their audience- all for the love of theatre and language.

The light and sound will be done by Kedar Diwekar and Devdutt Paranjpe another two popular names linked to theatre activities.  

Maro Var Made For Me is written by the popular Gujarati author Kaajal Oza Vaidya, produced by Chirag Solanki and Jayesh Bateriwala and directed by Rupal Solanki who is well-known for her versatile acting.

“We are taken by surprise to see a lot of non-Gujaratis have booked their seats which reminds us that art has no language. We now look forward to seeing all the Gujaratis show their love and support for our work. In return we promise a night of 100 per cent entertainment,” Rupal Solanki said.

So what are you waiting for? Just come and see a beautiful piece of art by your very own local artists.

Tickets priced at $25 and $35, available at Eggs and More, Sandringham and Yogijis, Mt Roskill.

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm onwards

Venue: Green Bay High School, Auckland