We give you a glimpse into how musical geniuses Mohd. Rafi and Kishore Kumar worked.

Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar never had any rivalry between them. Both were supremely gifted.

Rafi sahib was extremely versatile in his range and ability to sing any kind of film song with a smiling face without any sign of strain in his voice effortlessly switching scales and the notes. Kishoreda was again a prodigy singing skillfully without any formal training. Both had a common mentor – K L Saigal.

In spite of their different styles of singing, they had great regards for each other. There are many anecdotes of their friendship which are well known in the Bollywood film industry.

In the spirit of enhancing the camaraderie between talented singers in Auckland, here are their introductions.

Hemant Shirsat has sung at various high profile events in Auckland and India. He is trained in hindustani classical music and well-loved by Aucklanders.

Neel Patel is considered a promising young singer and Auckland music lovers are ready to hear more of him. He is the winner of Tarana Idol contest 2015.

Rachit Bhatia is no stranger to Auckland music lovers. He is known for hitting the right notes every time and is very popular with his capable and competent performances.

Ritika Badakere’s talent has been nurtured by a musical environment of her home and true to her upbringing, she is a wholesome performer whose voice can transport listeners to a different time.

Guncha Singh is a well-recognised name in the Auckland musical circuit. Aucklanders have received her with warmth and affection every time and this is the testimony to her sincere performances.

Dr Hubert De'cruz, a man of refinement, a doctor and a trained singer with Talim in many different forms of Bengali Music, especially songs penned by the great Indian poet Rabindra Nath Tagore. Gifted with a wonderfully melodious voice, he is a fan of Hemant Kumar and an admirer of Rafi sahab and Kishore da.

It is truly a privilege to have these singers amidst us. With conviction, this is set to be a one of a kind event. Don’t miss it and live with the regret. The song selection is unique and something you won’t usually find in other Bollywood shows in Auckland. See you there.

Event details: Down Memory Lane by Rangmanch

When: Saturday, March 3, 2018 | 6:30 PM

Where: Dorothy Winstone Centre, 13 Howe Street, Auckland

Tickets - $20 and $25, online from: www.ticketbazaar.co.nz  

and also from Yogiji and Lotus Indian Supermarket - Mount Roskill.