The Punjabi Indian community eagerly awaits an extravaganza of Punjabi culture and soulful singing as the renowned Waris Brothers are set to head to down-under in two weeks.

Manmohan Waris, Kamal Heer and Sangtar are the names that probably every Punjabi would know, all credit to their unique and quality singing. Now the Waris brothers are returning to New Zealand with their immensely popular Punjabi Virsa’s latest edition.

Punjabi Virsa 2017 will be held in Auckland on August 19 at Vodafone Events Centre. Organiser and Promoter of the Auckland show, Karam Hundal, says that he is excited to host a classy show once again for the Auckland audience.

“It is not just an event, it is a tradition that we all are proud of. I would invite everyone to come and be a part of this event with your families and kids and enrich them with our colourful Punjabi culture and folk singing,” Mr Hundal says.

With two more shows in New Zealand, the trio will also be performing in Tauranga on Friday, August 18, and in Christchurch on Sunday, August 20.

Though it becomes a challenge for organisers to sell cultural shows, the Punjabi Virsa’s popularity and quality have always managed to attract music lovers.

“Our main target is to promote Punjabi language and folk singing. Waris brothers are promoting our language and culture through their singing and so we feel proud to be organising Punjabi Virsa again after two years.

“It is challenging to organise and promote cultural events as the young generation is more attracted toward hip-hop and contemporary style of music. But the response that we have got from the audience surely proves that there is a huge market for good singing. I feel that it is our responsibility to promote such events as singing is the easiest and one the most effective ways to convey your message,” adds Mr Hundal.

The Auckland show is being organised and promoted by JK Star Productions. Christchurch show is already sold out and Auckland too is on the verge of selling out with limited seats remaining. The organisers are urging everyone to grab their tickets sooner rather than later.

“On October 3, 2015, for the first time, Punjabi Virsa 2015 was recorded live in Auckland, New Zealand for the official record release. It was a full house event and we are positive that Punjabi Virsa 2017 is also going to be a full-house event,” says Mr Hundal.

The tickets can be bought from