Waking up on a dark dingy winter morning can be daunting. To make things tougher, dressing up for work can be a task. This is when it is tempting to wear black leggings, black top, black coat, black hoodie, black boots and rush to work.

Being cosy and looking slim was never easier, right? But wearing colour can make your Monday morning and life cheerful. Follow the following tips to pep up your winter style this season.

Coloured puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are a staple for New Zealand winter. The only piece of everyday clothing which keeps you warm, and protects you from the inclement wind and unforeseen rain. Try going for bright coloured jackets like blue, purple or green which will keep you warm and trendy.

Use summer wear

Reusing your summer wear in the winter means double the clothes. Woopie! Try teaming those summer dresses or dungarees with turtlenecks like below[image]. If you are too committed to fighting the cold then a pair of tights is always helpful under a dress.

Winter scarves

Try adding a splash of colour with colourful scarves. Invest in pastel colours like pink, orange, peach and turquoise which are versatile and mesh to take your look a notch higher whilst keeping the winter at bay.

The good ol’ boots

Keep your feet high and dry with the never-to-be-underestimated power of boots. Velvet boots are trending this season. Colours like red, blue and metallic have also made their way swiftly. Don't forget to cuff your jeans a roll up to show off those killer ankle boots.

Get a sweater dress

Who doesn't love a chic easy-to-wear-anywhere kind of dress! This is exactly what a sweater dress is. This piece will keep you warm while accentuating your silhouette. You could choose a cold shoulder, halter neck or simple version of this dress and pair it with flats, pumps, shoes or boots to compliment with. As resourceful as it could get!