It was probably the biggest Punjabi show you would have ever seen in Auckland. A fully packed auditorium with many standing to watch their favourite singer superstar who returned to Auckland after six years.

Singer-songwriter Babbu Maan enthralled the audience at Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre on April 1. But apart from teh show being a sold-out, there was something different and special about it.

Babbu Maan performed live in Auckland on April 1, 2017 (Photo: Pal Productions)

Known for this honest and frank opinions, and up-front attitude Tejinder Singh Maan aka Babbu Maan and lovingly also known as Khant wala Maan (after his village Khant), had some important messages for the young generation and the NRIs.

Not only his songs reflect his perspective of life, but also his opinion about the changing world forces one to re-visit their thoughts.

Maan was praised for his knowledge of literature and the way he incorporates his knowledge in his songs and script writing for his movies.

About the kind of songs that Punjabi music industry is producing these days, he said that change is the demand of the time.

“I think all the songs are good. It is all about your perspective. Every artist has a particular taste of songs or writing or genre, and they are good at what they do,” he said.

Not impressed by the music compositions in Punjabi industry, he said that the industry needs to start experimenting and do something new.

“We have been listening to the same tunes from years. When I started, there was no concept of music composition. Now it’s high time that people start producing good and new music. That’s the only way to grow and stay there for a long time.”

Talking about his up-front attitude, he said that he doesn’t like to be two-faced. “I have learnt this from my parents. Either you are a friend, or you aren’t, there should be no hanging in-between. And we all need to get away from this kind of two-faced attitude.”

Babbu Maan performed live for a gathering of more than 2600 in Auckland on April 1, 2017 (Photo: Pal Productions)

His views about the obscenity in Punjabi songs would have won every feminist’s respect. Unlike other Punjabi singers from his time and with literary knowledge, Maan seemed quite open-minded about the way women should lead their lives and said that he believes that women should not be judged on the basis on what they wear.

“Why should men decide what a woman should wear. It is a woman who should determine that. Women’s freedom shouldn’t be labelled as vulgarity. Till the time we men control women’s freedom or what they should wear, every song would look vulgar.

“We have changed ourselves almost entirely if we look back at 50-60 years from now. And we need to change with the changing time.”

When asked about what would be his message or advice to the NRIs, he said that NRIs are making India and Punjab proud with the success they have achieved. But they shouldn’t let others misuse their goodwill.

“If you are sending a donation in India for a good cause, you should ask for the accounts of where it has been used. Don’t let your hard-earned money go down the drain,” he said.

Babbu Maan performed live for a gathering of more than 2600. His performance was a mix of poetry, romantic numbers and upbeat songs. It was almost impossible to make the crown sit on their seats, who was cheering throughout the show.

The crowd continued to cheer their favourite superstar as Babbu Maan performed live in Auckland on April 1, 2017 (Photo: Pal Productions)

He said that it was his best show ever from around the world and he would very much like to return soon for an even bigger show.

Also known as the king of romance in Punjabi music industry, Maan rose to fame in 2001 with his hit music album Saun di Jhadi, featuring several hits such as Chann Chaanani, Raat Guzaar layi and Dil ta paagal hai among others.

So far he has released eight studio albums and six compilation albums. He has also acted in, written screenplays for and produced Punjabi films, and has sung for a few popular Bollywood songs as well. He was highly appreciated in Punjabi movie Hashar—A Love Story that released in 2008.

Maan suggested that he would soon return with another film and looks forward to bringing songs in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.