Indians have been making their country proud all over the world through their achievements. Their success stories continue to inspire people who aspire to reach greater heights in their field of work.

It becomes the society’s responsibility to reward and motivate those with extraordinary achievements.

With that idea, five years ago, Indian Weekender started the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame that celebrates the success of the Kiwi-Indians who have made the community proud. The journey began with one award where members of the community who have contributed towards the society were inducted into the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame. In 2015, two more awards were added—Kiwi Indian Unsung Hero and Kiwi Indian Young Achiever.

In the last five years, MP Kanwaljit Bakshi, Dr Ajit Swarn Singh, Dr Kantilal Naranji Patel and Dr C.S. Benjamin have been inducted into the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame for their extraordinary work in their profession.

Mr Bakshi was the first inductee after he became the first Sikh Member of Parliament in 2008. Dr Singh was inducted into the prestigious honour in 2014 for being the first Fiji-born Indian to be appointed to the District Court Bench in the New Zealand.

Dr Patel was inducted in 2015 for his immense contribution to the country’s healthcare system. The man, who came to this country with $20 and a medical degree in 1974, has today built the country’s largest private clinician-owned primary care providing organisation known to all as the Nirvana Health Group, which is spread across 36 locations in New Zealand.

Dr Benjamin, the reigning Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame inductee, was recognised for his exceptional contribution to the community in South Pacific with his work with NZAID and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 10 years as the coordinator of New Zealand Medical Treatment Schemes for seven South Pacific countries that include Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

Kiwi Indian Unsung Hero is dedicated to people who have been tirelessly working for the community but often go unnoticed. Through this award, we thank them for their contribution and hope that it motivates others to work towards a better world.

Kiwi Indian Young Achiever is dedicated to the young guns of our community, between the age of 16 and 35, who have done exceptionally well in their field, be it sports, education, job, technology, science, entertainment, food, politics, or business.

Indian Weekender is inviting nominations for this year’s Kiwi Indian Honours. If you know of someone who has set an example for others through their work, someone who has been serving the community selflessly for years, someone who has reached greater heights of success at a young age, it is time to acknowledge their work.

Nominations are open for all three categories—Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame, Kiwi Indian Unsung Hero, and Kiwi Indian Young Achiever. Just fill in the form on page 23 of our latest print edition and post it to us at Level 1, 133A Onehunga Mall, Onehunga. Or visit to nominate online.

Nominations close on Monday, April 17, 2017.