Auckland Zoo is calling on locals to book in and support a rare opportunity to enjoy breakfast at its tiger exhibit on Saturday 9 August.

The 7.30am -10.00am Tiger Breakfast, part of its Big Cats Weekend celebrations (9-10 August), will be raising vital funds to help the critically endangered Sumatran tiger in the wild.

Guests will enjoy a palm oil-free hot breakfast, be able to view the Zoo’s tigers eating theirs, and find out all about these magnificent big cats from a tiger keeper who will be hosting the morning. The event will also include a special encounter with the Zoo’s cheetahs out in the Zoo followed by a guided walk back to the cheetah enclosure, as well as a serval encounter.

“This is a fantastic opportunity, not only to enjoy breakfast in the unique setting of our pop-up tiger café, but also to help support the amazing efforts of our friends from 21st Century Tiger,” says Auckland Zoo carnivore team leader, Lauren Booth.

“21st Century Tiger is one of several carnviore projects Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund supports. We help fund its Tiger Protection & Conservation Units (TPCUs) in Kerinci Seblat National Park. These incredibly dedicated teams have helped the tiger population here to increase from 140 animals in 2006 to at least 177 individuals today.

However, 21st Century Tiger reports that in the past year they have seen an unprecedented increase in direct and highly focused poaching threats to wild tigers from organised poaching and wildlife trade syndicates.

“This makes supporting their monitoring of tiger habitat, dismantling of snares, their intelligence and prosecution work, and responding to wildlife emergences more vital than ever,” says Lauren.

Tiger Breakfast tickets cost $125 per person* (*children attending with adults must be 5 years+). All profits to Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund to support tigers in the wild. Numbers are limited. To book, phone (09) 360 3805.

After breakfast, guests are welcome to stay on and enjoy other Big Cat Weekend activities, including encounters, big-cat themed story time, face-painting, and other fun games and activities. Full details on the Tiger Breakfast and Big Cats Weekend activities at


Tiger Fast Facts
• The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List classifies the Sumatran tiger as ‘Critically Endangered’
• It is estimated there are now fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild in isolated pockets of protected land.
• Key threats are Illegal poaching, illegal logging, and agricultural encroachment, including the uncontrolled expansion of oil palm plantations
• Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund supports 21st Century Tiger (which works under the umbrella of Fauna & Flora International) by funding Tiger Protection & Conservation Units (TPCUs).
• 21st Century Tiger’s work in world heritage site, Kerinci Seblat National Park in Sumatra (protecting the single largest population of Sumatran tigers) has seen the Sumatran tiger population increase from an estimated 140 animals in 2006 to at least 177 individuals today
• World Tiger Day (29 July) was established in 2010 at the St Petersburg Tiger Summit when range countries declared their aim to double wild tiger numbers by 2022. To find out more visit
• Tigers have lost 93% of their habitat in a little over a century. It is estimated there are now as few as 3,200 left in the wild across the five remaining sub-species; Bengal, Indo-Chinese, Malayan, Siberian (also known as Amur),South China and Sumatran
• For more about 21st Century Tiger, visit

You can help
• Support wild tiger conservation through the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund
• Purchase only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved woods and papers
• Use Auckland Zoo’s online palm oil-free shopping guide, which has an extensive list of palm oil-free supermarket products

For further information, please contact:
Jane Healy, senior media and communications coordinator
Ph 09 360 3804 or 027 291 9773
Kate Orgias, communications coordinator
Ph 09 360 4872 or 027 446 5631