The youth of Chinmaya Mission New Zealand are all set to illuminate, not only the stage - but also Auckland’s wider metaphysical space - with their much-awaited theatrical production The Legends of Shiva.

Indeed, Chinmaya Youth’s theatrical production is much awaited, given their decade-long tradition of delivering some kind of production towards the end of the year, and more so after the success of Ramayan: The Legend Relived, and Mahabharat: The Rise of Dharma in 2016 and 2017 respectively, whereby serving the audience a treatise on famous epics of Hinduism.

Continuing the tradition of coming up with mega productions that showcase their talents and passion, and also of presenting something meaningful that can potentially send their audience on a spiritual journey, this year Chinmaya Mission youth have conceived The Legends of Shiva.

A snippet from 'The Legends of Shiva' (Photo: Chinmaya Mission New Zealand)

Four shows are planned between December 7-9, at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Freeman’s Bay, Auckland, with single ticket for adults and children priced at $25 and a group of four tickets at $80. The tickets available online at

Any theatrical depiction around Lord Shiva is expected to lit-up the minds and hearts of the audience, given that Lord Shiva holds a unique place within the famous Trimurti concept of Hinduism, symbolising with both – being a destroyer and a transformer.

Rarely does any other deity across any other religion around the world could claim to be representative of extreme forms of life – birth and destruction – together, as would Lord Shiva.

Therefore, Auckland’s audience of this theatrical production can fully expect to be illuminated by The Legends of Shiva.

Projected as one of the biggest, if not the biggest local Indian productions, especially by those who are in the know of the production process, one can expect mesmerising combination of music, sounds and lights from the dance drama show.

The Indian Weekender team that has visited few rehearsals of the dance drama show had noted that there were more than 100 people involved in the cast and the crew of The Legends of Shiva.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the show is fully conceived and produced by the youth of Chinmaya Mission New Zealand, who all fall in less than 29-year age bracket.

Chinmaya Mission New Zealand has been active in New Zealand since 1995 with the main goal of instilling humanitarian values in the hearts of the young and adults and to provide a broader and more inspiring vision to life so as to bring out their best in their respective field of work.

The dance-drama show this year is brought by Chinmaya Mission New Zealand with Relianz Travel and in association with Kaysons and aims to showcase some of the most fascinating stories of our intriguing Gods and Goddesses from our rich and vibrant culture like, Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha, Parvati, Ganga, Karthikeya, Kali, Indra and the most enigmatic Lord Shiva.