Fire: metaphor for being feisty when it comes to standing up (raising and rousing)

        In respectable democracies, the mighty pen does the talking when justice suffers. The 4th estate, or the press, is up in arms (ink being the ammunition) asking difficult questions and raising authentic arguments. 

        Being feisty is something that the paper draws from its publishers, who have very passionately supported the paper in its stumbling years. They were strong headed and denied anyone a chance to mock the paper for its growth, in 5 years the paper has established a niche for itself, in another 5 years, who knows, it will be scrumming with the big boys.  

        The Indian Weekender does not believe in raising a hue and cry about non-existent issues, or sensational tabloid journalism. Our belief in supporting the community and raising a voice is to give validity to the existence of values of equality and justice. We have and we will continue to write for the voices that raise a worthy argument.