A reader sent us this funny post on what India’s high profile people would have said after the great little master Sachin Tendulkar achieved his legendary feat last week:

1. Digvijay Singh –
Sachin is an RSS agent. All these days he was waiting to score his century against a Muslim country.

2. Manmohan Singh –
I congratulate Sachin and also appreciate leadership of Shrimati Sonia Gandhi.

3. Rahul Gandhi –
My grandmother created Bangladesh. She deserves the credit for this century.

4. Raj Thakrey –
Sachin has proved himself to be a true Marathi Manus after scoring this century. So what if India has lost, Maharashtrians can not take the responsibility of the whole nation.

5. Mulayam Singh Yadav –
If Sachin was from UP, I would have made tickets of all Cricket matches ‘Tax free’.

6. Anna Hazare –
Sachin deserves to be the next lokpal of the country.

7. Baba Ramdev –
If you multiply all the runs Sachin has made by a billion is what is the total black money in foreign country.

8. Kapil Sibbal –
Social media need to control comments on Sachin’s century. It will harm the fabric of secularism in India.

9. Swami Agnivesh –
Now that Bangladesh has helped Sachin score his 100th century, they have proved to be a true friend of India. Lets welcome their citizen in India and let them live wherever they can. Lets issue them voter’s ID card.

10. Kris Shrikant –
We selectors hope that by 2050, Sachin will also score his 150th century.

11. Arjun Tendulkar –
I want to play with my father in 2020 world cup.

12. Sachin Tendulkar himself –
Aaeellaaaa…. Now what excuse I will make to not retire.

13. Sonia Gandhi –
Er….. She did not respond since she is suffering from an undisclosed disease.