McDonald's China has come up with an ice cream made with coriander leaves and a special coriander sauce and the news has evoked some crazy reactions from Twitter.

Everyone loves icecream. The cold, creamy texture and delicious taste makes it an immensely satisfying treat for all ages. There are many varieties of ice cream around the world. However, one recent ice cream variation has got the internet up in arms. McDonald's in China has come up with a bizarre and absurd coriander ice cream. Topped with special coriander sauce and chopped coriander leaves, this limited-edition coriander sundae photos are going viral on Twitter:

The photo of the bizarre coriander ice cream was shared on Twitter by user Daniel Ahmad. "McDonald's China launched a Cilantro Sundae special menu item today, which is interesting," he wrote in his tweet. The post has received over 2.3k likes and hundreds of comments and retweets too.

Coriander or cilantro is mostly used as a garnish in Indian cooking. The fact that it was used to create this ice cream did not go down well with Twitter users. While some people found the idea of a coriander sundae quite appalling, others didn't mind trying this bizarre ice cream. Someone also revealed that McDonald's had launched a bizarre ice cream in Thailand made with chilli paste and pork.

This is not the only bizarre coriander-based dessert to have appalled the internet. In April 2021, sandwich chain Subway had also released a new coriander cookie. While some said they would try this quirky flavour, others thought it was a prank for April fool's Day.