On his fourth tour to New Zealand, Punjabi Sufi singer Dr Satinder Sartaaj once again touched the heart with his soulful performance.

A packed auditorium at the Vodafone Events Centre on Friday, August 12 was speaking of his popularity among the Punjabi audience in Auckland.

The mehfil-style concert was a family event with the audience ranging from youngsters to the senior citizens. A singer, songwriter, poet, and actor, Sartaaj was a pleasure to listen and watch as he performed on various numbers including his latest hit Hazaarey Wala Munda.

Dr Satinder Sartaaj(Photo: Davinder Singh Photography)

Sartaaj sat with a notebook in front of him along with various instruments around him, including the harmonium, chimta, and daffli that he played occasionally. The ambiance on the stage was so charismatic that the crowd readily followed his lead and accompanied him with claps.

Referring to New Zealand as a paradise, Sartaaj said that he had a soft spot for the country. The audience, who was in the awe of his voice and melodies, kept asking for more.

Veena from the audience shared her experience with us: “I loved him. He was fabulous; not only his voice but also his songs, and they were spot on with the reality of a Punjabi’s life and our general life these days. One of my favourites of his songs was ‘Sai’. This was certainly one of the best concerts I have ever been to.”

Audience(Photo: Indian Weekender)

Sartaaj’s songs about the struggle that migrants or students face in foreign countries, brought the emotional feel among the audience. More than 800 people present at the concert gave him a standing ovation at the end of the four-hour-long musical extravaganza.

Sartaaj rose to fame with his popular composition ‘Sai’ that was launched in 2010. He went on to give several hit numbers such as Jalsa, Rangrez, Sajjan Raazi, Mushtaaq and his latest chartbuster Whats app.

At the end of the show, Sartaaj also launched the poster of an upcoming musical project—Geetkaariyan, by Sandeep Bath of Auckland that features singer Gurshabad from Punjab and Satta Vairowalia from Auckland.

Poster launch(Photo: Savi B Creations)

Dr Satinder Sartaaj will next be seen playing the lead role in an upcoming Hollywood project The Black Prince, a film based on the life of the last king of Punjab Maharaja Duleep Singh. The film also stars actors Shabana Azmi, Jason Flemyng, Amanda Root, Jack Gover and is expected to release later this year.