A Melbourne-Delhi flight was rerouted and made an emergency landing at Changi Airport in Singapore today due to a medical emergency on the plane.  

An Indian origin passenger on the flight experienced difficulty and stopped responding. A doctor on board tried his best to revive the patient who was believed to have undergone heart bypass recently.

The Air India flight AI309 took off from Melbourne at 9:45 a.m. (Melbourne time) on Monday, April 24 and was diverted to Singapore where a team of doctors attended the apparently lifeless man, who was travelling with his wife.

Actor Maniesh Paul and other members of the Da-Bang team are also on the same flight which, as per the latest report, was on the ground in Singapore awaiting further instructions from Air India officials and air traffic controllers at Changi a Singapore.

The man believed to be in his late 50s held an Indian passport. 

The body of the deceased has been removed from the plane.

The plane had passengers both from New Zealand and Australia, but preliminary enquiries reveal that he was a Melbourne-based man.

More updates to follow soon on Indian Weekender.