Rachana Saurabh, an artist living in USA, is set apart by art inspired by Indian traditions. “I am not an art student, I am an engineer by qualification, painting was my hobby in school days. I love indian art.. colors, styling and meaning behind every painting,” says Rachna. Art connects her to her home-town and country.
“I have made many paintings but “Krishna” is my true love. We follow Hinduism and I have heard many stories of Krishna in my childhood. I always try to add all that small elements in my painting that makes me feel I am at home.”
Rachna is currently working with clay, sculpting and crafts jewellry at Mitti Designs.
“My husband, Saurabh, encouraged me to keet my art alive. I started my blog Creations - the essence of arts, and my beautiful readers helped me improve my art through their feedback,” says Rachna.
For more information visit: www.facebook.com/MittiDesigns | www.essenceofarts.blogspot.co.nz/

Celebrate Shri Krishna Janam Uthsav 2013 in New Zealand

The birth of Krishna is in itself a transcendental phenomenon that generates awe among the Hindus and overwhelms one and all with its supra mundane happenings.
Mother Earth, unable to bear the burden of sins committed by evil kings and rulers, appealed to Brahma, the Creator for help. Brahma prayed to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, who assured him that he would soon be born on earth to annihilate tyrannical forces.
The festival of Janmashtami commemorates the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is revered for his wisdom about how to live life on Earth.
Thus the INDIA Sanmarga Ikya Sangam, along with T.I.V, T.I.M and its devoted members cordially invites you to join the celebration of Shri Krishna Janam Uthsav 2013.

Thursday 22nd—28th August 2013
23 Princess Street Otahuhu, Auckland

Daily Programme:
7-9pm, Sri Krishna Janam Katha , Aarthi followed by Parsadham & Dinner
Final Day:
28th August 7pm start, Sri Krishna Janam & Jhoola Uthsav, followed by Aarthi, Hawan, Shanti Pooja, Parsadham & Dinner
Katha Kaar:
Nalesh Naidu In Conjunction with
Shree Sanatan Dharam Jyoti Ramayan Mandali