A 21-year-old Indian origin Uber driver shot in the head during an attempted robbery in Harlem New york last weekend has died.

Authorities say Kuldip Singh succumbed to his injuries Wednesday after he was shot during an apparent robbery attempt on street just before 10 p.m. Saturday.

It happened in the vicinity of West 131st Street and Eighth Avenue, and a 15-year-old boy was also critically wounded.

Singh, 21, was shot in his car on Saturday and died of his injuries on Wednesday, WABC TV reported.

He had been injured in a shootout between a passenger in his car and the teenager who was also injured in the exchange of fire and remained hospitalised, the station said.

This picyure above is of the car in which the tragic incident unfolded.

The New York Post reported that police believe the driver was hit by a shot fired by the teen, whose identity has not been revealed as he is a minor.

The New York Daily News reported that the surgeons in the hospital were never able to remove the bullet from Singh's head and that he had lost most of his brain function before dying.

No arrests have been made in the incident. Police have released a video of the shootout and asked public's help to track down the accused.

Singh lived with his parents in Queens and was their sole provider, said his family who had migrated to the US from Punjab in 2018.

n the wake of the incident, Uber issued a statement saying, "Our hearts are with Mr Singh, his passengers, and their loved ones after this horrific and senseless act of violence.”

The father of an immigrant Uber driver slain by a stray bullet wants no mercy for his boy’s alleged teen killer.

“He hurt my son,” said devastated dad Bir Bahadar Singh, 51, inside his Queens home one day after the Tuesday death of innocent victim Kuldip Singh from a gunshot to the back of the head. “He should be dead too.”

The elder Singh recalled Wednesday how the family’s tears started after a knock on the door from police this past weekend, lingered as they prayed for a miracle across three days, and began anew when their son died Tuesday at Mount Sinai Morningside.

“I was alone and I cried a lot,” said the still-teary father, recounting the Saturday arrival of police while his wife was in Ohio. “What do you expect? My whole world came crashing down on me.”

The wife sat sobbing in another room as her husband recounted the random slaying where a 15-year-old gunman apparently squeezed off a shot during a Harlem street fight, police said.

Bir Bahadur Singh father of the deceased

Above, Bir Bahadur Singh shows his deceased son's ID.

New York City has so far recorded 1,086 shootings, 314 murders, 1,009 rapes, and 14,783 serious assaults this year, according to police statistics.

The city has seen a spike in violence with last year's murder and serious assault numbers being the worst since 2012 and the reported rapes the most in a year since 2013.

Officials have blamed the rise in crime over the last two years to the Covid-19 pandemic which curtailed the working of the court system.