Sydney is getting ready to start ferry its passengers on trains made in India, the last batch of the 22 trains ordered is expected to be received soon.

In March 2014, the French manufacturer, Alstom’s Sricity facility in Andhra Pradesh, India won the contract to build 22- six-car trainsets as well as the CBTC signalling system, for the North West Rail Link, Australia's biggest public transport project and first fully-automated metro network.

On December 6, the company finished the last of the 22 Metropolis trains for Sydney Metro and held a flag-off ceremony before sending the trains to be shipped to Sydney.

“We are immensely proud to have completed the last train for Sydney Metro in this landmark project for the Asia Pacific region. We are also proud to see Sricity concluding its first export order on time, delivering on expectations and winning our customer’s trust," Alstom Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, Ling Fang said.

Representative Image of the train (Image: Republic TV)

"We firmly believe in India’s role as a manufacturing and engineering hub for international markets, and this milestone bear witness to that,” SBS reported.

The fully-automated has the latest in public information system, areas for prams, luggage, bicycles, wheelchairs spaces and separate priority seating for passengers with reduced mobility.   

The train design is based on International Metropolis train that are used in 25 cities including metros like Singapore, Barcelona, and Amsterdam but is customised for the Sydney Metro network.

Alstom’s engineering hub in Bengaluru adapted the Metropolis and Urbalis solutions to the specific needs of Sydney Metro to ensure fast, safe and reliable services to the residents of Sydney.

Sydney Metro train features
-Level access between the platform and train and three double doors per side per carriage for faster loading and unloading.
-Heating and air-conditioning in all metro trains.
-A new generation of fast, safe and reliable metro train.
-At all times, a team of expert train controllers will monitor Sydney Metro, making sure everything runs smoothly.
-Wheelchair spaces, separate priority seating and emergency intercoms inside trains.
-Continuous mobile phone coverage throughout the metro network.
-Two multi-purpose areas per train for prams, luggage and bicycles.