Would you commit to booking a hotel without reading the reviews first?

Most of us will do at least some online research upfront before committing to buy a fridge, book a hotel or choose a mortgage provider - so why should your healthcare be any different?

whitecoat.co.nz is the answer. Launched in New Zealand in July, Whitecoat is like a “TripAdvisor” for healthcare – it allows you to search, rate, review and compare local healthcare providers before booking an appointment. It helps you make an informed decision when it comes to your health.

So, whether you're looking for a dentist in Dunedin or a Chiropractor in Christchurch, Whitecoat can help you choose a healthcare provider based on reviews from other patients.

nib is proud to support Whitecoat in New Zealand as part of its commitment to bring innovation and transparency to consumers about their healthcare.

So, looking for a physio near work? Got a great chiro you want the world to know about? Look no further than Whitecoat.

Visit whitecoat.co.nz today and review your healthcare provider for a chance to win $3,000!*

*Terms and conditions apply. Go to whitecoat.co.nz. Competition ends November 30, 2018.