Alright guys, we have had enough time to process news of the year from 2017 - #Virushka is real and official. It is time to roll over to 2018 - the perfect time to promise and fulfil new year resolutions. Here is a sneak peek into how my new year resolution unfolded.

31.12.2017, 4:12 PM - My clichéd new year resolutions are all set. “2018 is going to be all about no sugar and gymming at least 5 times a week”, I promised myself.  

01.01.2018, 7:30 PM - I am still feeling tired from last night’s epic party. Major hangover has now diminished to a minor one and g ot me lazing in bed. “Let’s count 1st Jan as a bonus. I will surely hit the gym tomorrow”, I murmur convincingly. Meanwhile my mother passes a sardonic look.

By 4th January I have dropped the ball and abolished the idea of a new year resolution.

So what is your resolution - weight loss, new job, travel frequently, save a substantial amount, or make more money perhaps? The same promises you have made time and again, daily, weekly or monthly?

The sad truth is that most of us will usually do what we always do. So how about throwing the rulebook out of the window to adapt an alternative pathway. DO NOT SET ANY RESOLUTIONS THIS YEAR.

This time of the year organically inspires us to introspect and look into ways of becoming our best versions. While there is nothing wrong with “new year, new me”, the truth of the matter is that none of us change overnight.

So how about setting the goals differently! The idea is to start as a clean slate with absolute positive energy instead of succumbing to the panic and pressure of achieving self-defined goals. The outlook should be realising one’s potential, being open to adapting new ideas and accepting one’s shortcomings gracefully.

Take a step back to assess your limitations and see where you lack. Do not compare it with what others expect out of you. Try it. The minute you allow yourself some breathing space, it will give you a great understanding of “self”.

Goal-setting is surely a positive activity but if it makes you fall short of efforts then what is the point of forcing yourself and carrying a baggage of guilt? If you can fulfil your resolution - great! If not, it’s futile to make the same promises and being disappointed in yourself. Think about it!