The moment I say “spirituality,” people say, “Yes, I want to be peaceful.” Don’t walk the spiritual path for peace. You don’t have to be on the spiritual path to be peaceful. If you go climb a mountain and sit there, it will happen.

If you take a long walk and lie down, you will sleep peacefully. If you eat a complete meal, you will sleep peacefully. You don’t need the spiritual process to be peaceful. It is a shame that the so-called spiritual teachers around the world proclaim that spirituality is about being peaceful.

The longing for peace has essentially come from troubled minds. For them, peace is a big commodity that they have to seek. If you are not using your mind for self-torture, why would you think of peace? Would you seek exuberance of life or would you seek peace?

All of us will “rest in peace” when we are dead. Now is the time to live. But people have lost control over their mental faculty – what should have been a miracle has become a misery manufacturing machine.

Even being ecstatic is not a goal by itself. If you are blissful by your own nature, then the important thing is, you are not the issue anymore. There may be other issues in existence that you can look at them. But if you are an issue yourself, what other issue will you take into your hands?

Mysticism evolved only in those places where people learnt the technology of being ecstatic by their own nature. If you experience a little bit of pleasantness—whether it is by drinking, dancing, or doing some other crazy thing—you will never explore any other dimension of life because keeping yourself happy is a great challenge and a full-time job.

For most people, the pursuit of happiness has become the goal of life. Happiness is not something that you achieve. It is something that you start with. As children, we all started joyfully without any hassle.

Only if you are blissful, you will truly explore all aspects of life. Otherwise, you will not dare to because maintaining your own little bit of pleasantness within you is such a big challenge. Where is the question of taking on bigger challenges?

There was a time when we believed that whether the tree in our house bears fruit or not depended on God’s will. But we took charge of these things. Now we know what the problem is if this tree is not bearing fruit. We know what to do with it.

Slowly, we figured out all these things. Similarly, if your self has not blossomed, it is because you are not doing the right thing with yourself. When we understand this, a spiritual process begins.

Once you are not an issue, being peaceful, joyful, or blissful is not an effort anymore. Then naturally you want to know what is behind everything. This is not an induced quest. It is natural for humans to seek.

However, the spiritual process is not a conscious choice. It is a kind of a compulsive behaviour. But unless you handle it consciously, it will not yield.

Unless one experiences the universality of one’s nature, I would say the human form is wasted. You do not need a human body, intelligence, and awareness to eat, sleep, reproduce, and die.

Every worm or insect can fulfil that better than a human being. If you want to know, experience, and be able to handle other dimensions of life, it is important that you have no rigid structures in your mind.

The biggest thing in the existence is not some God sitting somewhere. The life process itself contains the creation and the Creator. If you are willing to go beyond the surface substance of what you call “yourself,” suddenly everything is malleable. Here and there, now and then are all mixed up. The individual and the universal are no longer different.

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Sadhguru is a  yogi, mystic, visionary, and a spiritual master with a difference. An author, poet, and internationally-renowned speaker, his wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our perception of life.