Most of us are familiar with the benefits of rose water on the skin. It acts as an excellent toner and gets rid of the impurities that are locked deep into the pores. It makes the skin smooth and silky. Rose water also aids in evening out the skin tone, getting rid of dark spots and blemishes over time and giving the skin a bright glow. 
But little does one know, that adding rose water to the hair can also be extremely beneficial to the locks and make them thicker, glossier and healthier. 

Controls oil production
Rose water is especially beneficial for those with oily hair. The pH level of rose water nourishes the scalp and controls the production of sebum, eventually making the hair less greasy. 

Repairs hair
Constant use of heat on the hair makes it lose its lustre and strength. Rose water when massaged on the scalp helps in increasing blood circulation which in turn rejuvenates the hair follicles and brings back that lost shine. 

Reduced dryness
Want to combat frizzy and dry hair? Rose water is your saving grace! It is known to soothe the scalp and reverse the effects of heat and pollution on it and even rehydrates it with continuous use. 

Reduces dandruff 
Let go of those anti-dandruff shampoos that have done absolutely nothing to get rid of the white flakes. Instead, in rose water soak methi seeds for 5 hours and grind it into a paste. Apply this on your hair for an hour and wash off. The benefits of this will be witnessed in the form of silky and glossy hair. 

Boosts hair growth
Rose water contains Vitamins A, B3, C and E that are all known to promote hair growth. Massaging rose water on the scalp after shampoo and then rinsing off, does the trick leaving you with smooth, glossy locks.