Here's what you need to get your hands to keep you entertained while home sheltering, if you don't mind dropping a lot of cash for it-- Louis Vuittons new collection of games.

From chess and backgammon travel cases, to poker and croquet trunks, the House's made-to-order games collection has expanded and evolved over the years, continuing in Louis Vuitton's grandson, Gaston-Louis Vuitton's, love of sports and games.

The luxury house presents its pocket Billiards table as the ideal gift for the cue-sports lovers among us. Available in the iconic Monogram motif, designed in 1896 by Louis Vuitton's son Georges Vuitton as a tribute to his father, the table also comes in the darker Monogram Eclipse or Damier Graphite, bringing a patterned touch to any interior. Versions in Epi leather with its undulated texture, present a splash of colour in cyan and fuchsia, with the added option of a bi-coloured navy and pistachio variation or caramel and white in smooth leather.

Created with identical craftsmanship to that of a Louis Vuitton trunk, House canvases or leathers sheath the Billiards table's wooden body. Emblematic Louis Vuitton savoir-faire perfects the table's design with delicate leather corners in the brand's naturally tanned cowhide leather - each edge meticulously dyed with numerous layers of hand-applied paint. Hand-pressed metallic hardware finishes the table, each stud engraved with the House's signature.

The table is completed by carefully packed, essential accessories including billiard balls painted with flowers from the Monogram pattern encircling the numbers. Two pairs of leather and Monogram two-piece cues slot snuggly into place while a hot-stamped leather triangle completes the kit.

Our top pick for lockdown games it LE BABYFOOT-- French for table football. This playful product features many House codes and retraces Louis Vuitton's vibrant history from 1896, the creation of the Monogram, to now.

Available in the House's iconic Monogram canvas, the Babyfoot also sports the darker Monogram Eclipse and Damier Graphite and comes in a rainbow of vibrant Epi leathers such as cyan, pistachio and fuchsia as well as a bi-coloured caramel and white variation in smooth leather.

Epi leather with its undulated texture adds a unique feel to the outside of the table, while it's smooth counterpart lines the Babyfoot's playing field. House canvases or leathers sheath the Babyfoot's wooden body, with numerous layers of hand-applied edge-dying across each corner.

The players, inspired by Louis Vuitton's "Groom", the famed character from the House's 1921 advertising images, are each hand-cast in aluminium and, as a true testament of the brands savoir-faire and history of personalisation, each player is meticulously hand-painted by expert artisans in team colours to compliment the custom canvas or leather table. Artisanal, jewel-like counting coins boast a striking hand-painted Monogram flower, making tallying record wins even more satisfying!