The Fijian Elections Office will be sending teams to Australia and New Zealand to conduct voter registration between 14 May to 22 May 2022.

Supervisor of Election, Mohammed Saneem says respective Fijian Missions in the two countries will be making arrangements to reach Fijians who are not living in areas the registration team will be visiting.

Saneem says the registration teams will be in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland and Fijians can use this opportunity to register, upgrade their VoterCard or update their voter details before the 2022 General Election, which are due to take place later this  year.

All Fijians who will not be in Fiji on Election Day, are eligible to vote via postal voting and in order to do so, a voter would have to fill in the Postal Voting Application form and upload it onto the FEO portal on

“On the postal voting application form, we require voters to provide us their name, as is shown on their VoterCard. Whether the VoterCard is green or blue, the name from the VoterCard is what we require plus the VoterCard number,” Mr Saneem said.

Saneem confirms that postal voting applications will open on the day the Election Date is announced.