Fijian health authorities say Covid-19 tests conducted on a student have provided an inconclusive result.

More than 20-thousand Year 12 and 13 students returned to school last week after being at home since the latest outbreak began in April.

Health Secretary James Fong said the student fell ill at school and was 

Dr Fong said they are reviewing Covid-safe measures at the school.

He said tests carried out on the student were repeated.

"Contact investigations are also ongoing," he said. "The team is also reviewing the Covid-safe measures of the school.

"Any further plans will be dictated by the results of this investigation."

The Education Ministry said schools would not be shut if a student or a teacher tested positive for Covid-19.

Minister Premila Kumar said the affected individual would be isolated and decontamination take place before classes resumed.

"The idea is we have to live with Covid-19 and that is something that we all will get used to and we are getting used to it.

"Every sick child will be treated as if they have Covid so its the requirement that the teachers will wear the PPE and take the child into the isolation room where there is a bed for the child to rest and then the calls will be made to the parents or guardians and the nearest health center."

More than 30,000 students aged 15-17 have been fully vaccinated while nearly 90 percent of the country's target population got both jabs.

Fiji's borders will reopen to the world on 11 November.