Fiji is amongst nine countries in the world, which have the B 1.617x sub-lineage variant of COVID-19 affecting them.

This is emanating from the B1.617 variant that was first found in India last October and has been tagged as a variant of concern.

The World Health Organization’s latest epidemiological report released today, has Fiji, Algeria, Botswana, Finland, Iran, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and Turkey who are battling this sublineage.

[Source: BBC]

The report further says globally, in the past week, the number of new cases and deaths continued to decrease with just over 4.8 million new cases and just under 86,000 new deaths reported.

All regions around the world reported a decline in new cases apart from the Western Pacific Region, which includes Fiji.

Fiji’s COVID-19 strain remains a variant of concern and its cases has been classed as sporadic.

As it stands, Fiji has 49 active cases, with three being border quarantine, 34 locally transmitted and 12 under investigation for its source of infection.

Fiji has had 178 cases in total since March 19th last year when our first case was detected. We have had 125 recoveries and four deaths.