There is a possibility that more medical professionals could test positive for COVID-19 in the near future.

This was highlighted by Permanent Secretary for Health Doctor James Fong after announcing Fiji’s 11th COVID-19 border quarantine case, a 25-year-old nurse.

Dr. Fong says the woman who contracted Coronavirus while treating one of the border quarantine cases in an isolation unit is recovering well.

He adds that even when every protocol is followed and protective personal gear is employed, the unpredictable virus can still be transmitted.

This is the first positive case confirmed amongst medical staff working in our isolation facilities despite there being more than 3,000 people in quarantine.

“Our medical staff work these isolation facilities through a roster system, whereby they work and live in the isolation facility for 14 days, then go into quarantine in one of our government designated quarantine facility for 14 days. They must then register another negative COVID test result before they can rejoin their family. This is the most stringent system of isolation unit management in the world, more rigorous than both Australia and New Zealand.”

Dr. Fong says Fiji’s health care staff all operate in personal protective equipment and are well trained on its use.

He says there is nothing easy about living and working away from family for 4 weeks at a time and working to save a life while mitigating the risk of getting infected.