Travellers from New Zealand and Australia will now need to be in quarantine for 14 days in Fiji instead of previously being allowed to spend the quarantine period in their respective countries.

This has been confirmed by Acting Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong who says these travellers will need to clear a negative COVID test, spend 14 days of quarantine in a Fijian government quarantine facility and then be allowed to go to specially designated resorts to begin their Bula Bubble vacation through VIP lanes.

He says travellers from these countries were previously allowed to spend 14 days of quarantine in their home country, clear a negative COVID test and arrive in Fiji.

Dr. Fong says the Australian and New Zealand governments cannot certify home quarantine for potential travellers to Fiji due to new outbreaks of COVID-19 in their communities.

He adds to maintain Fiji’s COVID-contained status, vigilance is the only vaccine available and we must all remain vigilant at all times.