Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete has confirmed that on a case by case basis, Fijians returning from overseas are able to be quarantined outside of the government designated facilities.

Speaking in Parliament, Dr Waqainabete clarified that this only applies under special circumstances.

“There may be some for whom staying in the government designated facilities may not be appropriate, for example, those who are sick, some who have come back from treatment. An assessment is made by both the IMT COVID-19 team and also the quarantine enforcement team which includes the disciplined forces.”

The Minister confirms that before a decision is made on whether the individual can be quarantined in another location, the site has to be inspected by various COVID-19 teams.

“They examine the place where the person may be or may live. Having agreed that they can be able to monitor them during the time of the quarantine, which becomes acceptable. It is passed and they are then moved into that facility. It could be back into their own homes.”

Dr Ifereimi stressed that no one who comes into Fiji is exempt from quarantine.

One Fijian who has been quarantined at home had suffered a heart attack and needed proper rehabilitation, including being able to walk about.