A National Migratory Bird Count Campaign will be launched in October aimed at public awareness on the importance of wetlands and its conservation.

The Fijian Ministry of Environment in collaboration with Birdlife International and Nature Fiji-Mareqeti Viti is working on identifying two or more wetland sites under the United Nations Convention on Wetlands or the Ramsar Convention.

Fiji Minister for Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy says non-governmental organizations, development partners, and policymakers must work closely to implement resolutions and strategies protecting wildlife.

“We need experts like you to do these kinds of research on the ground to give us policymakers data so that we can make policies based on data if you don’t give data then the ministry will continue to be rolled on from year on year out and policymaking will just become a task”

Dr. Reddy says moving forward, there is also more collaboration needed in the conservation of wildlife habitats.