Professionally, don’t take people on their face value; use your intellect to make the necessary judgement. It is time to revise your old methods of relating to people. Adopt a different strategy to get things done from the juniors. Your financial growth will be linked to sensible investments, so put your money wisely. Spend some time to pamper yourself with a spa. Spend quality time with the loved ones. Keep a close tab on your health and follow a strict exercising regimen.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Baby pink


You might feel enthusiastic about the idea of meeting interesting people this week whom you can share your thoughts and concerns with. Constructively use the resources at your disposal in order to cope up with the challenges coming your way. Be objective about certain decisions you need to make as your emotions may be clouding your judgement. Avoid making hasty decisions when it comes to finance. Love life needs to be prioritised. Flowers and chocolates should do the magic to please your beloved.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky colour: Lemon


Confusions and misunderstandings may occur over decisions taken by you in the past. This week colleagues may not appreciate your ideas in the business meetings. But this is not a right time for you to cheek people who hold positions of authority. Be polite and let your work speak for your capabilities. A fluctuation in sales figures is a matter of great worry for retail owners. Something not budgeted for, may have to be bought in an emergency.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: Saffron


Maintain your calm attitude and try to resolve the issues amicably. Confrontation and anger will only worsen the things. Focus your energy on something more productive and concrete.

This might be a challenging phase where you need to use your skills and expertise to prove your point. You may be asked to rework on the tasks assigned to you. Don’t lose heart but give it your best shot once again. Confirm that money invested in insurance or pension plans proves beneficial to you.

Lucky number: 13

Lucky colour: Dark purple


This is one of your best phases when your organizational expertise will be appreciated and your communication skills will be complimented. Find ways to restructure your domestic priorities to maintain the relations well. A change in work environment is needed to avoid routine tensions. Focus on your capabilities and decide what is best for you. This will help you chalk out a better plan regarding your approach for the same. Finding love at the workplace is a possibility for those single.

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Dark coral


It is the right time to gear up for some smart and bright career moves. Kick off the distractions that obstruct you from meeting deadlines. You are probably too desperate for rewards. This is the reason why you want to focus on new initiatives that allow you to express your creativity. Be assertive but diplomatic when dealing with wilful subordinates. Avoid any arguments with dear ones this week. Put mutual plans on hold to sustain your financial position.

Lucky number: 17

Lucky colour: Saffron


Projects that allow you to make use of your creative abilities will interest you most right now. Learn to organize your work if you want positive results. Success will not only bring appreciation but give your morale that much needed boost. Be ready to accept the new ideas. Expressing your feelings to your beloved will improve your love life. Health of elders in the family may require concern. Make sure your family doesn’t feel neglected.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Parrot green


It is an excellent week for those who wish to achieve and conquer. Grab every opportunity to express your opinion in the meetings with the top management. Delays and obstacles can be overcome with the help of some valuable insights from the seniors. Family members may feel anxious if you are unable to keep your promises, you made with them. Expect the unexpected on the financial front. Investment in stocks at this time will ensure good times as the cash register keeps ringing.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Dark turquoise


This week is likely to be a rewarding for you. Business partnerships will prove to be favourable and new contracts will be signed. Be proactive and take initiative to put your plans to action, but better be practical about your expectations. Ups and downs in the relationship can be overcome if you can spare some time together and talk about the differences. Do your homework well and be prepared with the relevant information. Advice regarding financial matters will prove fruitful.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Blue


New commitments may take a while to materialize but these certainly ensure the potential to succeed. With your confidence and skill, you are sure to get exactly what you dream of, no matter what others think or believe in. Certain issues that affect your romantic relationships might upset you temporarily. Romantic Prospects look positive, as some of you wish to take your friendship to a next level. Monetary offerings should be accepted with caution.

Lucky number: 1

Lucky colour: Light red


Out of the box thinking will enable you to come up with innovative ways to handle problems on the professional front. It seems to be a busy period where you may have to put in extra efforts to get through your tasks and filter out distractions. Disagreements among family members need to be handled with care. Avoid imposing your decisions on them to maintain conjugal happiness. Good health allows you to cope with stress. Not bringing discipline in your life may put you at risk of a lifestyle disease.

Lucky number: 20

Lucky colour: Yellow


This is a perfect week to cheer up people who mean the most to you, especially if they have been feeling low lately. Getting along with people who stimulate you intellectually will be helpful in adding new elements to your routine. Do not make any financial commitments if you are not too sure about them. Planning a short holiday or a special evening with your beloved will give the much needed relaxation and spice up your relationship.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Golden brown