Paying an ear to gossips at work and jumping to conclusions will only complicate matters, so look before you leap. Be open to suggestions from colleagues at work but do not feel bound to take their advice unless it actually serves the purpose. Don’t be emotionally swayed when making decisions about your finances. A new relationship provides comfort and security. Some of you may want to move home and will start working towards making it happen. A short trip is on the cards.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky colour: Dark green


Your honesty will be appreciated professionally. Work diligently to march ahead with your plans. Feel free to turn to close friends for an advice if you are caught in the midst of a hectic activity. Their timely help allows you to take calculated risks that could bring the desired results. You may feel the need for space and independence; go ahead and ask for it. Love life could go through some twists and turns; handle the situations tactfully. Don’t get complacent about your health, proactive measures will show results.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky colour: Yellow


Work and personal commitments will leave you with little free time. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. Make sure you have a proper analysis of the relevant facts before presenting them with confidence as there is a possibility that you may miss out on some detail. The week will be full of surprises, but to keep up the momentum you need to learn to strike the right balance between your personal and professional life. Patience is all that you require while dealing with such situations. Don’t get lax with your diet regime.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky colour: Sea green


A pleasant surprise from a close friend will brighten your weekend. Do not share any personal details with people you don’t trust completely. You may be in a contemplative mood about going in for a career change. Make it a point to give healthy inputs in the important discussions at work as seniors may be gauging your abilities before adding more responsibilities to your shoulders. Problems of children need to be handled diplomatically.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky colour: Magenta


Unanticipated delays may catch you off guard and create some stressful moments. Issues regarding ancestral property should be given a lot of attention. You should probably take more time to think about things before acting on the same. Networking and creating win-win situations will ensure the support of subordinates when you need it the most. Your love life could go through some twists and turns but objectively analysing issues and letting go of your impractical expectations will prove to be beneficial.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: Rose


The business meeting will be productive and could set the ground for new ventures in the long run. Hold your ground and don’t let anyone take you for granted, be it office or home. The way you think and speak may have a direct bearing on your performance. There is more to what someone is trying to convey, so pay attention. Do not trust the female friends with any secrets. Avoid lending money this week as the chances are bleak that it will ever come back.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky colour: Peach


Impulsive remarks could create tensions at home while an objective approach will help resolve differences. You need to learn to balance your idealism with practicality. Health may need attention, make it a priority to rest and de-stress. Businessmen will be able to clinch profitable deals. Your positive mood can help you eliminate unimportant and unproductive issues from your life. Loved ones will extend their support in your investment plans. Buying your dream property is favoured by the stars now.

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Green


This week brings several challenges on your way. So roll up your sleeves and invest extra time and energy to prove your mettle. Clarity of thought and focus on your goals are your best assets this week. Work pressure will not be successful in deterring you from following your agenda. Romantic relationships would require some concern. Keep important documents handy while travelling. Joining aerobics or a dance class would be a good idea to stay fit.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour: Lavender


You may unnecessarily be worried about an issue this week. The rebellious nature of a family member could alarm you; the situation should be handled with some more patience. Discussing things with family members will help you realise that the situation is not as bad as you are making it out to be. Do not shun away for asking help from colleagues to meet the project deadlines. Love sector of your chart promises good results for those still single.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Dark pink


Take a break from your busy schedule to spend some quality time with your beloved. Though financially wise, your innate aggression can still invite some tensions in speculation. Your positive outlook can help you pursue your creative dreams. Look for ways to eliminate unimportant and unrealistic issues from your life. Efforts at work place will be appreciated and will help you get the attention from the senior members on board. A short leisure trip is on the cards.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Cream


Insights from spiritual people will help you make headway on personal issues that have been on your mind recently. There are chances of an increase in the workload due to hectic activities and pressing deadlines. Be discreet with your views till you can get an overview of situations at work. Stars support your intentions for renovating your house. Dedication will help you sail through such situations. Avoid lending money to anyone as it might get blocked.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky colour: Dark slate grey


It is likely to be a busy but productive time and career enhancing responsibilities are on the anvil for some. You might feel irritated and need to guard against losing your temper over trivial issues. Relationships with people of repute are set to improve. Your proactive attitude will result in greater financial security thereby easing some of your worries. Businessmen especially will enjoy an easy cash flow. Travel plans are highlighted. Health enhancing measures will be beneficial in the long run.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky colour: Maroon