Remain alert at work, as you are prone to committing mistakes. You will succeed in cutting domestic expenses by tightening your belt. You may need to bring about some changes at home. Stop being over conscious about the way you look; concentrate more on the happiness that you got to look forward to. A disputed property bothering you is not likely to get you into any legal wrangle. Interest and gain from occult experiences and legacies is indicated.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: White


Newlyweds can expect a time of their lives, as love overwhelms them. Financial stability is regained despite overstepped budget. Irregular workouts may tell upon your health. A delayed payment is likely to be released, but not without you running around. Encounters on the social front could impress you by the welcoming respect you are given. Children bring laurels and give you one more reason to smile. Health should not be one of your worries as you feel on the top of the world this week.

Lucky number: 1

Lucky colour: Bottle Green


Homemakers may have their hands full with chores around the house. Someone on the social front is likely to take you for granted. Career is set to shine for those involved in sports or adventure. Those involved in litigations will see successful settlement of disputes. Some of you may face an embarrassing situation as you forget your wallet at home. Women are likely to hear some good news from abroad and should cash in on the opportunities immediately. Commit yourself a daily exercising regimen.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky colour: Cyan


You are slated to enjoy this week with friends and relatives. Some of you may travel out of town for health reasons and benefit from it. An excellent opportunity awaits those who are planning to embark on something new on the professional front. This is the right time to get your business expansion plans on paper. Some other unscheduled tasks can delay an important assignment at work. Spend quality time with loved ones and find ways to show your appreciation. Finances will be good.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky colour: Cream


Good returns from a financial venture can be expected. Stars governing your love life seem on the ascendant. Spiritual travel or exposure to spiritual literature is now indicated. Singles have excellent possibilities of entering into wedlock. Small changes in personal relationships might upset you, especially if your efforts are being taken for granted. Be diplomatic in your interactions at work and don’t react to any disagreements. Efforts on the work front bring more recognition and fame.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Light Blue


Be pragmatic about your expansion plans. Try to be discreet with your views and make sure you have all the relevant information handy as the top management may be gauging your levels of efficiency. Attending to your social obligations will be a priority this week. Suspicion is likely to cloud your mind on the romantic front, but things will turn out differently. Avoid digging the things happened in the past and handle the situations with tact this weekend.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Golden brown


Stars advise you to carefully study the financial trends before making any investments in this week. Your consistent efforts will help to prove your mettle at work this week. On the work front, it is best to seek assistance from co-workers to ease your workload. A social gathering is likely to prove most enjoyable. Spending a romantic evening with the one you love cannot be ruled out. A business trip will give you enough opportunities to attract a good financial position in the long run.

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Grey


You will find your coffers brimming, as you grow financially stronger. Make sure you have evaluated the potential of your resources before making any strong commitments. Health remains good, as you become more fitness conscious. Students are likely to fare well in competitive exams. Do not neglect your love life as it can hamper the peace of mind. Litigation cases will settle in your favour. Wear something in white or yellow if appearing for a job interview.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky colour: White


A change in the place of work is worth considering and in fact is the need of the hour. Someone you helped in the past is likely to reciprocate in full measure. Excellent time to rejuvenate as friends make you feel special and celebrate your success on the career front. An opportunity on the romantic front will need to be seized, if you want someone on your side. A house bought on instalments may finally be yours. Don’t get too involved in the problems of the loved ones as they may resent your interference.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Peach


Plans for a get-together are likely to be cancelled, as others may not be in the mood. Taking centre stage and expressing your ideas generate new business opportunities. Focus on supervising things under your guidance rather than doing everything by yourself. Someone may interfere with your desire to arrange the house in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Stars advise you to control your temper while things do not turn as per your plans. Wearing shades of blue will help you stay calm and composed.

Lucky number: 2

Lucky colour: Chocolate


You may feel overwhelmed with the new responsibilities that need to be accomplished. Avoid any monetary transactions this week as stars appear unfavourable. Seniors would want you to work over time. All work and no play might irritate you. Getting used to changed circumstances on the home front will be good for your peace of mind. Delays in a long journey cannot be ruled out. A lifestyle disease can play up, if you are not regular with your exercising regimen.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky colour: Peach


There is a new opportunity waiting for you, but you will have to seize it quickly. You can be a bundle of nerves in this week regarding some issue. Delegating tasks and asking for help as and when required will help you meet the desired objectives. Someone in the family may irritate you to no end, but keep your temper in check. Robust health will find you energetic and cope up with challenges. Unexpected expenditures might shake your bank balance and could be a matter of concern.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Golden brown