Recent new insights revealed by Google into India’s audiences on video-sharing website YouTube reveal major opportunities for brand advertisers.
Each month, people log on to YouTube around the world to watch more than 4B hours of video; YouTube’s growth trajectory in India matches the global trend. An online survey of more than 2000 Indians revealed YouTube’s growth is powered by some of advertisers’ most attractive audiences: more than 70% of YouTube’s viewers in India are under the age of 35, while 72% have a college degree or higher.
The research paints a picture of a new type of consumer Google terms Generation C: a young, tech-savvy group of trendsetters who define what’s popular in content and culture. This group thrives on 4Cs, each of which represents an opportunity for brands to reach and engage Gen C on YouTube.
Creation: YouTube users are deeply engaged with online video, spending hours watching, creating and uploading video on YouTube--and creating opportunities for advertisers to engage with this prized demographic in the process.
Community: India’s Generation C constitutes an active online community, swapping videos with friends via email and social networks. 
Curation: India’s Gen C cares about finding videos that matters to them, using subscriptions help manage their interests and content preferences--including branded content.
Connection: Gen C switches between devices 27 times a day, and Indian users watch nearly 30% of their YouTube videos on mobile. Smartphone owners spend one quarter of their YouTube time on mobile, while tablet owners spend about 20%.
YouTube Vice President of Marketing Danielle Tiedt said, “If brands create videos that Gen C loves to share, they will. If you create communities around your brand, Gen C will join and participate.” 
Google predicts that as smartphone penetration continues to rise in India, so will the opportunities for brands to personally reach Gen C. In all,More than half of Indian YouTube users share videos on social networks, and the same proportion also shares videos from YouTube over email.
This insight is especially important for marketing professionals.