Sohail Nargund from Hubli in Karnataka is a 28-year-old man who knits with love.

Breaking this gender stereotype is this full-time engineer who finds solace when he is around needles and yarns. During his lowest, when he was struggling with anxiety, he read that knitting might help him be calm, and since then it has become his saviour.

The activity he took to ease his mind has today become a hobby for this young man who learned the art last year by obsessing over YouTube tutorials. He definitely is a quick learner, reported Hindustan Times.

“I started knitting in April 2021 to heal my anxiety and I had read somewhere that knitting helps you reduce anxiety,” he was quoted as saying.

He started by knitting a sweater for his sister and she really loved it. Soon after, his sister’s friend fell for his designs and also wanted one for her for a price. This is how his hobby turned into a part-time job for him.

The full-time engineer in Bangalore now knits in his free time and is often swamped with orders.