In a courageous act, a woman cop was seen carrying an elderly woman on her shoulders in Gujarat's Rann of Kutch desert. The newly recruited constable did not think twice before picking up an 86-year-old woman and carrying her on her back for five kilometres straight to safety.

27-year-old Varsha Parmar from Rapar police station in the Kutch district of Gujarat has won hearts on the internet, with her presence of mind and a kind heart.

Rapar police station marks Parmar’s first posting as a cop. While on duty, she came across a woman lying unconscious in the unforgiving arid white desert of Kutch. She volunteered to carry the old woman to safety as no vehicle was available and she chose not to wait for help to arrive, as it could cost precious time.

The woman had gone to offer prayer along with two elderly women at a nearby temple, but she fainted while they were returning. A passerby informed Parmar and she immediately rushed to the location with a water bottle and decided to carry the woman on her back.

Via Times of India