'Collarwali' tigress, the pride of Madhya Pradesh's Pench Tiger Reserve, died on Saturday evening due to old age.
Collarwali tigress (about 16.5-years-old) breathed her last on January 15 at 6.15 pm in room number 589 of Beat Kumbhadev of the Karmajhiri area under Seoni, said forest department. Collarwali was born in September 2005, gave birth to about 29 cubs and established her territory in the entire Pench border, setting a world record.
Continuous monitoring was being done by the wildlife doctor for the last week.
This tigress gave birth to five cubs simultaneously. A documentary film 'Tiger: Spy in the Jungle' was made on her.
On March 11, 2008, experts from the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun put a radio collar to the tigress, since then she was known as "Collarwali". It is most visible to tourists. She reportedly gave birth to three cubs at the age of two and a half years.
Aadhar Gupta, deputy director of Pench National Park, said, "The tigress died of age. Her contribution is immense in restoring back the ecological balance by improving the tiger population."
Dr Akhilesh Mishra, the doctor of Pench Park told, "The tigress has died normally after completing an average age."
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also paid his last respects to Collarwalli on Twitter. (ANI)