Mountaineer Arjun Vajpai on Wednesday received his Guinness World Records certificate, which states that he is the youngest person to climb two higher 8000ers mountains -- Mt. Everest in 2010 and summit Lhotse in May 2011.

Arjun took to his social media to post this news and said, "This one is for INDIA". He climbed the two mountains when he was 17 years and 345 days hold and the record still holds till today.

He further added, "This one goes out to each one of you out there who has a mountain in their lives to climb! It may not be a real mountain but we are all climbing that one mountain in our life! I want you to know that it's possible! If you can dream of something and are ready to sacrifice and put everything on the line, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams! Never limit yourself! Dream big and dare to chase them."

"And lastly but most importantly, you for all the blessings & love each one of you out there sends across to me! I want you to know I can feel each one of you and I promise I shall make you proud always! Thank you, mom and dad (@vaikunth_home & @vajpaisanjiv) for letting this crazy 16-year-old live his dreams, without your support none of this would have ever been possible! This is just the beginning…"

Arjun attempted to climb Mt. Everest again in 2021 without oxygen support but unfortunately couldn't be successful and is already geared to attempting the same feat in 2022. The young mountaineer has also planned to summit Mt. Trisul 2022.