A guide to women's health after 40

The world is celebrating mothers, and a day is never enough. While recognizing their selflessness in putting family first, it is also critical to shine the spotlight on their own health and well-being.

The celluloid chapter

Continuing our series from last week, we look at some of the best-known women directors in the world of cinema who are at the top of their game.

Literary jewels

The literary circle has seen many women voice their deepest emotions through the power of words. We take a look at some of their illustrious careers.

Foul play

Time and again, cases of sexism in sport have been reported. In early March, the Australian women’s football team was subject to sexist abuse by men at a football match. In June, during the Women’s World Cup,....

Law and disorder

Last week, a man in Northwest Delhi’s Rani Bagh area was arrested and sent to judicial custody for allegedly raping his friend’s maid. When dailies in India regularly carry reports of sexual abuse,..

The silent gender revolution

The brutality of gender inequality in India is not a new a story being brought to light. The Indian society has been a victim of gender inequalities for centuries