Aged care to meet the needs of all

In our multicultural society, many services like rest homes for the elderly are still provided according to the needs of the majority population. But culture matters. So does food.

Everyone needs a home

Auckland just climbed a place up on an international rating, but it was for the wrong reasons. Auckland is now the fourth most unaffordable city in the world. The median house price has risen to $830,000 but the median income is $83,000

Working with a strong local plan for Roskill

This is the last column you’ll read from me before the Mt Roskill by-election this Saturday, December 3. As I sat down to write this, I found myself presented with a lot of different things I wanted to talk about.

Strengthening India-New Zealand relationships

The aim of the trip was to boost New Zealand’s ties with the world’s third-largest economy. That’s because I believe strongly that New Zealand’s future lies in being open and connected to the rest of the world.