Connect with one of New Zealand’s most upwardly mobile ethnic groups.

The Auckland region is home to over 110,000 people of ethnic Indian extraction. These include people from the Indian subcontinent (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan), South East Asia, Fiji, South Africa and Mauritius.

Ethnic Indians are one of New Zealand’s most educated and upwardly mobile groups with significant numbers gainfully employed in white-collar professions followed by trade practitioners and of course a variety of businesses.

The Indian Weekender is New Zealand’s first ever weekend publication that is targeted directly at this educated, high earning, hardworking segment that likes to stay abreast of news and events that concern them not just in New Zealand but also in the larger Indian ethnic world.

The publication is brought out by a dedicated team comprising professional journalists with experience in both the New Zealand and global media and is backed by the KMG Interactive Ltd, a media-savvy firm of established Kiwi businesspeople.

With special correspondents in India and Fiji and wide ranging niche content arrangements, the Indian Weekender brings the latest in news, fresh perspectives through its analytical columns, weekend leisure reading for the entire family, with generous portions of the two topics that bind Indians together no matter where they live – Bollywood and cricket.

Advertising in print

The Indian Weekender hits stands in a dedicated distribution channel in the Greater Auckland by noon on Friday in the publication week – in time to be picked up by weekend shoppers for their weekly family reading.

What better channel than the new, colourful and engaging Indian Weekender to reach one of the most well educated and high earning ethnic groups in New Zealand’s biggest metropolis? Do call us and we’ll be pleased to work with you on a range of options to promote your products and services in creative ways to get you the best results. For more information about advertising in the Indian Weekender email us at

Advertising online

Indian Weekender online ( offers advertisers a great way to advertise online using engaging content. The website reaches throughout New Zealand and also the world and has high viewership in Australia, UK, US and the Indian subcontinent. As the most popular website in it's demographic Indian Weekender online offers a great reach to the key demographic and enables you to easily and effectively reach your audience.

We have witnessed an enormous online unique browser growth in the past few months, get in touch with us to get our latest online statistics.

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