Support your happiness with positive psychology

To achieve a well-balanced and a meaningful life one needs to have a positive psyche and do away with all the negativity within. It is a known fact that humans respond well to positive emotions and stay motivated under its influence.

Feeling compassion fatigue due to pandemic?

In the initial days of the pandemic, the recovery rates seemed to be high and deaths reported much lower, we as citizens seemed to have coped with the lockdown. We made banana bread at home, dalgona coffee, and enjoyed the time spent with family.

Get over social anxiety in 5 steps

Model-actor Darasing Khurana, an active philanthropist, came up with the Pause.Breathe.Talk Foundation to help those who suffer from a mental condition and to offer mental health services to the needy.

Six skincare myths that need to be debunked

Have you spent a considerable amount of money to buy organic skincare products without results? Ever wondered why your ayurvedic skincare products are not working? It may be because of certain skin care myths that have been imbibed in us for a long time.

Your Home - Five bathroom space trends

Whether you are trying to wake up from your sleepy tendrils from the night before or relaxing after a long tiring day -- a soothing shower in your most private space, aka bathroom, can do it all.

3D Printing – A Helpful Hobby

The pandemic has changed a lot of things – how we interact with each other, how we work, how we use technology. It’s even changed how we play and spend our free time.

Cook your mum an unforgettable meal

There may not be a heart as pure and loving as our mom's. Our mum is our 'Superhero'; she is a great multi-tasker, and runs around all day and works tirelessly, taking care of all our needs single handedly.

Immunity Boosting Millets

Millets need to be promoted more proactively by the government, to boost its demand and consumption to turn it into a profitable crop for the farmers.

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