How climate change could change the taste of your wine

Although winegrowers seem reluctant to try new grape varieties apparently to protect the taste of the wines, new research suggests that they will ultimately have to give up on their old habit as planting lesser-known grape varieties might help vineyards..

Hosting house party? Try these tips

Thinking of organising a party this New Year at home? Create a small creative selfie wall, prepare healthy snacks and more to pull off a great party at home without burning a hole in your pocket, say experts.

Make a U-turn for happiness

Does the Bhagavad-gita have any relevance today? Many people may think it’s an “old book” and irrelevant for us today because we are so modern, so technologically advanced with our smartphones and social media etc. ....

Stormed by the Paparazzi Culture

Paparazzi culture has exploded in India recently. Instagram, Facebook feeds, digital websites and print media thrive on celebrity scoops and fashion trends. Social media is a giant monster which feeds on Bollywood gossip 24x7.

The secret of friendship

What is life without honest, real and meaningful friendships? What is life without the love and companion of those who see the beauty, greatness and perfection that lies within you?

Internet of Things is here

Devices that are internet-enabled and can ‘talk’ to other devices. More technically, it is a network of smart devices that have sensors and can communicate data to a server or other smart devices connected to the network

Mushroom Tikka Kebab

Once considered quite exotic, mushrooms have slowly but steadily made a place for themselves on the Indian platter. In fact, no Indian tapas menu is really complete without including them.

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