Indo-UK ties on a new track?

In Persian there is an old proverb: "Amad'an, nashist'am, ghuft'am, barkhas'tam'", meaning "they came, they sat, they talked and then dispersed". It actually means to say that nothing substantial was achieved by the visit or the talks.

7 reasons why you need to meditate daily

Contrary to popular belief, Meditation is not about zoning out and emptying your thoughts or mind. It's about zoning inwards, acknowledging your thoughts, and then detaching from them without judgment.

Gujarat Titans sing “Aava De”!

As IPL 2022 starts moving into the business end of the tournament Gujarat Titans still maintain their top spot on the points table closely followed by the Rajasthan Royals. Cricket analyst Rahul Patil analyses all the action from Week 5

Discover New Zealand's secret landscapes

New Zealand's landscapes are breathtaking and are a true delight to the eyes. One is certain to be astonished by beautiful landscapes at every bend. While the entire country is gorgeous, there are a few areas that stand out for being the most unique and

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