Top brain-boosting food for kids

Right food can help you improve your memory, concentration, and brain function. The brain, like the rest of the body, absorbs nutrients from the food we eat. Therefore, it is very important for kids to consume highly-nutritious food.

Mobile use can change how kids see the world

It appears that the use of digital devices changes how children perceive the world as a new study has found that pre-schoolers who frequently use tablet or mobile devices often tend to miss the forest for the trees

Here's how eating habits could cause child obesity

A study led by researchers of Baylor University revealed that the variety in the utilization of market-gained nourishments outside of a traditional diet routine can prove to be a reason for obesity in children, whether they do physical activities or not.

Good screen time v/s bad screen time for kids

The coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented measures taken worldwide to contain its spread have disrupted nearly every aspect of children's lives. Caregivers and educators are trying to find new ways to keep children learning by developing online and o

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