Bhagavad-gita’s answer to real freedom

If we allow ourselves to become controlled and directed by our mind and senses in the hope that we’re going to get some actual lasting happiness, then we remain unfulfilled, empty, and a slave to those desires.

Akhand Hanuman Chalisa concludes for 2017

Shri Ram Mandir in Henderson successfully hosted the Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Paath on January 21 and 22. As expected, more than 2000 people turned up for the event during the 24 hours, and most of them stayed overnight for the recitation.

Scientific reasons for visiting temples

Visiting temples is customary for most Hindus. It is ingrained in our lifestyle. In India, prolific temple building started more than 2,500 years ago. In South India alone, there are more than 108,000 temples.

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