108 steps temple opens in Labasa

A temple which has 108 steps leading to a hot spring below for Hindu devotees in Waiqele, Labasa, was opened on Sunday by prominent Labasa businessman Daya Singh.

Banimarama: "Let bygone be Bygone"

Although the opportunity to ask questions was not available to media in the official program immediately after the bilateral talks, yet Bainimarama chose to answer a couple of questions thrown at him, is a reflection of changing time ahead.

Arrest over false passport

A FIJIAN previously deported from New Zealand was arrested at Queenstown Airport last weekend, allegedly in disguise and carrying a false passport

FOFH scores a hole in one

Friends Of Fiji Health (NZ) Inc (FOFH), the New Zealand based charitable organisation, held a successful fund raising golf event earlier this month at the Manukau Golf Club.

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