Auckland Eid Day to host a massive Eid event

The Indian Weekender spoke to Javed Dadabhai, the lead organiser of the Auckland Eid Day about the upcoming Eid event that will be held on Monday, June 26 or Tuesday, June 27 at Mt Smart Stadium premises in Penrose, Auckland.

Yoga is key for a healthy body and mind

“My experience with yoga for the last two decades certainly makes me believe that with yoga a synergy between one's body, mind, emotions and spiritual energy can be attained," says Raj, a doctoral student at the Lincoln University.

Shanti Niwas commemorates Elder Abuse Awareness Day

“The aim of Shanti Niwas is to help build a society free of abuse. World Elder Abuse and Neglect Awareness Day give us the chance to say. Clearly, abuse has no place in our homes, our workplaces, our communities, or in our world,” Ms Nilima Venkat added.

Islamic Arts Display exhibits Indian treasures

Christchurch's South Library hosted a much-appreciated multicultural expression of Islamic arts, an exhibition of items and images belonging to 40 different ethnic Muslim groups living in the city, for the week ending on April 9.

Bhagavad-gita’s answer to real freedom

If we allow ourselves to become controlled and directed by our mind and senses in the hope that we’re going to get some actual lasting happiness, then we remain unfulfilled, empty, and a slave to those desires.

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