Apple has extended the repair program validity on the AirPods Pro units that have issues with noise cancellation or static. Under this program, affected users can get their AirPods Pro repaired or replaced for free anytime within two years, but with the latest extension, it is three years now after the sale. The change in the repair program’s validity was spotted by Reddit users on the Apple support page and they claim the extension may have been announced at the beginning of October.

The AirPods Pro repair program was originally introduced back in October 2020, only a year after the most expensive earbuds from Apple arrived in 2019. The purpose of this program is to cover the defective AirPods Pro beyond the standard warranty period, which is why Apple announced the programme just when the warranty on the AirPods Pro was expiring. But with the extension, the AirPods Pro bought back in 2019 are now covered till October 2022, while those bought later are going to have coverage for more years.

There are only two ways you can get your AirPods Pro repaired or replaced under this program: if your AirPods Pro produces crackling or static sounds that increase in loud surroundings or while working out or when talking on the phone - and - if the active noise-cancellation is not working the way it should, wherein it is affecting bass in the music or increasing background sounds, such as those of an aeroplane or a busy street.

Apple has noted on its website that the affected units were manufactured in October 2020, so there is a small chance that your latest AirPods Pro will have these issues. But there is still a chance because of the inventory your AirPods Pro unit came from. Anyway, Apple is giving you free of charge repair or replacement for left, right, or both earbuds.

This also means the charging case will not be replaced or repaired by Apple for free out of warranty, even if you have issues there. “The AirPods Pro case is not affected and will not be replaced,” said Apple. In cases where the problem is not the ones Apple has noted, your repairs and replacements will work in accordance with the standard warranty period.

You can head to your nearby Apple Authorised Service Provider “to have your AirPods Pro serviced.” It is only after an examination that your AirPods Pro will be serviced under the free programme. You also need to keep in mind that this program does not extend the warranty of the AirPods Pro. This means that the three-year program will begin on your unit right after you purchase it.