Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful migrants than others? Why they get the best jobs and have the most profitable businesses?

Of course the answer is that many things contribute to a person’s success and the good news is that with expert help everyone can learn the skills and gain the knowledge they need to settle in New Zealand successfully, get their dream job or become a business leader.

Why do some people settle here successfully and not others ?

This is a question that Aakanksha McClymont asked herself every day while managing a large Immigration Law Firm, McClymont & Associates. Many of her clients had the same qualifications and experience yet some become spectacular successes in New Zealand and others did not.
With this in mind, she found a group of experts who could distil those secrets to success and present a masterclass to assist new migrants in learning the skills necessary to settle successfully in New Zealand.

Understanding the Kiwi way

Being successful in your career or business in New Zealand means understanding the importance of local culture and having an insight into the way New Zealanders do business and what employers look for when they hire a new employee is essential. Often people learn correct behaviours and expectations by trial and error but making mistakes in front of a potential employer or business colleague is not smart. The way to be successful is to learn from the experiences of people who understand the local customs and are already successful. Investing time to practice the skills you need before you go for an important interview or meeting is the smart way to success.

For example, at a job interview, there is an expected way to greet your potential employer and a few common questions that you are likely to be asked no matter what job you are applying for. You need to practice introducing yourself and answering the questions so that you speak clearly, provide the information that is required and appear confident and engaged.

The team at Settling for Success, a New Zealand company based in Auckland that help immigrants to New Zealand to achieve the success they want for themselves, agree.

“Negotiating the process of getting a work or resident visa is just the start,” says Alastair McClymont, Director of Settling for Success. “People need to understand New Zealand business etiquette so they don’t make embarrassing mistakes and they need to be aware of New Zealand employment law so they know what is acceptable in the workplace.”

First impressions matter

Another key to achieving personal success is to understand the importance of your personal brand.

Successful people know that in today’s competitive market, academic qualifications and work/ business experience are not enough to land a perfect job or business deal and they understand that knowing how to present themselves professionally is critical to their success.

It’s important to appreciate how others respond to you the first time you meet. More importantly, you should know what to do to ensure that your appearance and behaviour make a strong positive impression when you go for a job interview or make a sales pitch. “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” says Jayne Muller, Director of Settling for Success. “It’s a minefield, especially for people who have recently arrived in New Zealand and are trying to start a new career or business, but it’s possible to learn what to do to fit in with the Kiwi way of doing things.”

Creating a personal pathway to success

Ask any successful person what their goals are and they will rattle off a list of things that they want to achieve, how they are going to do it and what their timeframe is. People without a plan drift from one thing to another and although they work hard, they never seem to achieve the success that they desire. “Without a plan, a goal is just a dream,” says Fiona Fenwick, Director of Settling for Success. “We help our clients to think about what they want to achieve in their professional lives and open their minds to possibilities they may not have thought about. Writing down their vision and the key steps they need to take makes their dream become more achievable. This exercise unlocks their own unique picture of success and fills them with energy. We see it all the time in our masterclass and it’s a wonderful moment.”

Once you are clear about your goals, Settling for Success can help build the skills needed to get a dream job or business deal. From understanding how to make a good first face-to-face impression to knowing that an impressive CV is not just about having the right words on the page. “Employers receive hundreds of CVs for the jobs they advertise so you have to know how to write your CV and cover letter in a way that shows why you should be invited for an interview” says Donna McTavish, Director of Settling for Success. “Your CV should be the one that stands out from all the rest and doesn’t end up in the wastepaper bin.”
Bridging the culture gap

Immigrants to New Zealand quickly learn how different the Kiwi culture is in all aspects of life from social behaviour to business practices. The team at Settling for Success point out the differences and ensure that the talent and experience that immigrants bring to New Zealand is not lost in translation. “Best practice in one culture can be seen as disrespectful in another culture,” says Fiona Fenwick. “At Settling for Success, we want to make sure that our clients are aware of the differences and know how to build a platform for success for themselves, and for New Zealand”.

Settling for Success masterclasses are held in Newmarket and are limited to 20 places to ensure that each participant gets maximum personal attention. Classes are held throughout the year so contact info@settlingforsuccess.kiwi for the next available dates.