Celebrations began at the native place of weightlifter Mirabai Chanu, Nongpok Kakching in Manipur, after she won Gold for India at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Saturday, as the family and neighbours rejoiced in this proud achievement.
Chanu won a gold medal with a combined lift of 201kg in the Women's 49kg final at the ongoing Commonwealth Games. The Gold medalist's mother Tombi Devi narrated her restlessness prevailing a night before the competition revealing that she (mother) could not sleep.

"Since yesterday I have been offering prayers for her and finding myself restless, I couldn't sleep. I had apprehensions about whether she will win or not, as she was sick. Till now I was feeling so anxious for her and had thoughts going on in my mind of all kinds. Her winning has made me relaxed," the mother told ANI after the victorious moment.
The mother said that she had teary eyes when she saw her daughter Mirabai win Gold at the CWG.
"I feel so happy. She won gold medal at CWG 2022. I had cried in my heart after her victory. Everyone is rejoicing over her victory including her sisters, friends and family members," she said.
Mirabai's cousin, Binoy said that they already knew that she was going to win gold as she always had a lot of morale.
"We were very happy. Our whole family was sitting together watching the game today. Mirabai won a gold. She always has had a lot of power and morale. We already knew she would win a gold medal," he said.