New Zealand has topped a new Bloomberg Media business survey ranking countries’ COVID-19 responses, and is the country business executives feel most confident to invest in.

“In New Zealand we went hard and early against this virus because we knew the best economic response is a strong health response. We have one of the most open economies in the world because we set out a plan and stuck to it. We have eliminated our second wave, as others are still grappling to get this virus under control,” Finance Minister Grant Robertson said.

“Our clear plan to deal with COVID-19 is being noticed, particularly by global businesses. Our strong and steady COVID response means we’re opening up investment opportunities to support the recovery and rebuild.”

The Bloomberg Media survey of business decision makers shows New Zealand tops a global Market Crisis Management Index due to strong rankings for political stability, the economic recovery, virus control and social resilience. The index scores New Zealand at 238, above second-placed Japan at 204, sixth-placed Australia at 151, ninth-placed UK on 110 and tenth-placed US at 100 – the average index score.

New Zealand is also the top country that executives said they feel confident investing in for their future business, and is the most preferred holiday destination for executives once it is safe to travel.

“Throughout COVID-19 we’ve supported businesses and protected jobs so that we’re in the best position for recovery. The work of all New Zealanders to eliminate COVID-19 when it appears in New Zealand means we have a head start on other economies, and we’re using that to our advantage,” Grant Robertson said.

“The Government has backed the recovery by investing in business tax refunds, R&D credits, supporting small businesses, promoting New Zealand businesses overseas and partnering with industries like our primary sector to plan for a more sustainable future. When the rest of the world is looking at New Zealand and saying ‘that’s the way to do it’, we can have confidence that our response here is worth it.”