Our beloved former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam very rightly said “You have to dream before your dreams can come true”, also this is something which Balwant Singh a Kiwi-Indian very much believes in.

Balwant Singh hails from a small city of Punjab and has been in New Zealand since 2008. Though he has achieved much but his aspirations are much higher. His journey from being a bus operator to service designer for NZ Bus service has not been easy, but he with his dauntless spirit and will to achieve success has come a long way.

When Balwant Singh arrived in the country with his newly wed wife Parul, he knew that life would not be easy in a foreign land. Even though he was prepared but says that no preparations help, it’s just ones will power, focus and ofcourse support from family which ultimately makes one tread his/her way forward. Like many who come to this country with a dream, Balwant Singh arrived with his. While he came on a work visa of one year, Parul came on a student visa for a equal duration and took up Level 7 in Computing through Cornell Institute of Business and Technology based in Auckland CBD. For around three months Balwant struggled for a job and finally got a job as a bus operator, while his wife managed a job only after she finished her studies. Today while he is working as a Service Designer, his wife is the Shift Manager with a leading fast food chain. They are blessed with a four year old son Harkeerat.

Balwant Singh though was lucky enough as he didn’t have to go through initial struggle of renting a house and setting up his home, as he had his sister and brother-in-law living here in Auckland. He recalls that even though he was immensely supported by his sister and her husband, life was not easy.Many a times he just felt like running back to his family in India and dumping his dream of settling down here in the country. However he says it was his wife who showed great trust in him and pushed him all throughout when he was low. “Initially I didn’t know what to do and even thought that my wife had to struggle all because of this decision of mine to move to NZ but she never let me down and supported me throughout. I was determined to find my way and she became my strength”, says Balwant Singh.

Recalling his journey Balwant Singh shares that it took him atleast three months to get a proper job which was that of a Bus Operator. He joined NZ Bus in October 2008 as a Bus Operator and drove around for an year and a half before getting promoted. His next position was Tutor Operator and after few months got another promotion and became a Leading Operator. He later filed for his residence application in March 2013 while he was in Wellington and this was approved in December 2013.

While it was his wife who became his strength, his sister not only provided him moral strength but also helped him financially. “I had come to the country with limited funds and initially struggled financially but my sister helped me all throughout. Even though I did return her the money later, but cannot repay her for help which she provided me with when I needed it the most”, adds Balwant Singh. He shares that it was after his son was born in 2011 it added to his strength and today his wife and his son are his assets and providing them quality life is his aim and mission.

Balwant Singh says that the journey so far has been challenging but productive with a huge learning experience. He says that it is pure hardwork and focus that made him sale through and achieve his dream with which he had arrived in the country. “The journey so far has been really enjoyable and promising. We have enjoyed every phase of it, especially taking care of a new born by ourselves. It used to be quite tiring at times but we have made it” he adds.

Giving out his message to many others like who have come to the country with an aim to settle in, Balwant Singh says “My only message to my fellow Indians is that, no job is small. Be focused and work hard, for hard work always pays”. He now wants to grow in his job and getter a better position and his love forever is his four year old for whom he wants to work hard to give him a secure future.